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In Defense of Ordinary

You can find the most extraordinary power in the most ordinary of circumstances.

The purpose of all motivational speakers, authors, and bloggers is (obviously) to motivate their audiences to achieve. These authorities encourage people to squeeze every drop out of life, to achieve the pinnacle of success, to be extraordinary.

They do this by sharing stories of what other people have done. If only you could play basketball with Obama, travel the world without flying, be the first person to climb the second-tallest mountain on each continent, make as much money as the people in the success stories, or do all this stuff within 2 years, then you could be happy and successful, too!

There are a bunch of problems with this approach to life, but I want to highlight just one. This process is built on a culture of continual dissatisfaction. No matter who you are or what you have achieved, it just isn’t good enough. There is always someone who has crossed more items off of their bucket list and risen to greater heights than you. Continue Reading →